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There are currently 13 colony schools throughout the Livingstone Range School Division. Colony schools are multi-grade classrooms. Students enter school when they are six on Dariusleut Colonies and 7 years old on Lehrerleut Colonies.  The majority of students leave school on their 15th birthday. The classroom is an ESL environment.  Most students begin school with little to no understanding of the English language. Low German is spoken throughout the colony and will be the students’ “first language” for the remainder of their school career and beyond.


Students are required to attend both English school and German school.  German school is generally held twice daily, prior to the start of English school in the morning and following the school day in the afternoon. German school is taught by a colony member that is elected by the colony. This position is known as the “German Teacher” and is held in high regard.  He instructs the students in High German and religion. The German teacher is the liaison between the English LRSD school teacher and the colony. It is important that the English LRSD school teacher and the Colony German school teacher communicate on a regular basis. The German school teacher will be able to answer your questions regarding such topics as homework policies, colony rules and expectations of students. Developing an open, honest relationship with the Colony German school teacher is the first step to creating a positive and highly successful learning environment for the students.


The Mission of the LRSD Colony Schools is to provide a window to the world, which encourages students to become excited about learning while fostering respectful, responsible and compassionate colony citizens.


Our Core Beliefs and Values are...

Integrity, Respect and Responsibility.


The Long Range Vision of the colony schools is to witness growth through recognition, support and quality learning opportunities for all.